How to Choose the Right Industrial Water Chiller

How to Choose the Right Industrial Water Chiller

No doubt about it – the right chiller for your application will perform efficiently.

Every Water cooled chiller in Bangladesh works at specific conditions, especially those involved in critical process cooling applications. Therefore, the selection process should be careful. Typically, looking at the type of application and process to use your water chillers is the best way to identify water-cooled chiller’s right features.

Let’s look at a concise guide on how to select the right water-cooled chiller in Bangladesh.

Determine the heat load

How much heat do you application generate? When you know your heat load, you’ll choose the right size of the chiller for your system.

For small spaces and applications, you might consider choosing smaller chillers, perhaps those portable types. However, if you run an industry, choose the Industrial water chiller in Bangladesh.

The heat load is normally in kW. Look at what at the amount of heat your applications generate and compare to a chiller.

The coolant type, temperature, and flow rate

After knowing the heat load of your application, it is vital to look for the right coolant. Again, the flow rate of the coolant and its target temperature are also critical factors.

There are different types of coolants, and each has different properties. Ideally, the right coolant should have the right thermodynamic Properties like:

  • Boiling point slightly under the target coolant temperature
  • Higher heat of vaporization
  • High critical temperature
  • Moderate density in a liquid form
  • High density in a gaseous state

Besides, the coolants should be non-corrosive and must have a high safety rating – meaning it should be non-toxic and non-flammable.

Now, common coolants include water, ammonia, Hydrochlorofluorocarbons, and Hydrocarbons.

Identify the installation environment.

Are you installing indoors or outdoors? These environments have different factors to consider. For instance, indoors have higher temperatures while outdoors have temperatures fluctuating from low to high.

This definitely affects the chillers sizing, and you may require some accessories like a sump heater.

Pump performance

Each Industrial water chiller in Bangladesh has a unique pump. Check to ensure that the pump can generate enough pressure at the given design flow rate. A water-cooled chiller in Bangladesh might have a smaller coolant flow path resulting in higher than average pressure losses.

Consider price too because the Water chiller price in Bangladesh isn’t fixed. This helps to work with your budget. Besides, look at control options, agency listing, and power options. In the end, standard chiller brings greater reliability.

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