Monitoring of high voltage lines

Control of high voltage lines in helicopter

High voltage lines

Control of high voltage lines is done by helicopter for accessibility and safety reasons. It is by following the lines that we can see if the connections are correct, if the hunters have not fired on it and if the electrical elements are in good condition. The helicopter makes it possible to control a large number of posts even those inaccessible from the ground.

Before the thermography of the lines by thermal camera, the temperature of the electrical elements on the pylons was measured with a laser thermometer. This required pilots to remain stationary for several minutes very close to the pylon so that the technician could read all the values ​​necessary for the control.
This control made with a thermal camera now only lasts 10 seconds for the entire pylon! Thermography = saving time and security!

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Thermography is the only technique allowing to see the thermal behavior of the targeted elements and this, in a non-destructive way!